Why Choose a San Diego Mobile Notary?


Convenient and Saves You Time

If you have documents that need notarization in San Diego County, don’t waste your time at a shipping center; hire a San Diego Mobile Notary. A mobile notary can provide a variety of services that are helpful and convenient.  If you are short on time, a mobile notary in San Diego can come to your home, office, favorite coffee shop or even the beach.  A professional mobile notary can often respond within an hour and meet at a location that is convenient for you.  

Get Your Documents Notarized Anywhere In San Diego

Earlier this year, I completed a last minute notarization of a consent form for a parent whose minor child was traveling to Holland.  The parents were on their way to drop their child off at the airport and realized they needed the signed and notarized forms.  It was the Fourth of July and the parents only had about 30 minutes before they needed to be at the airport. Due to Fourth of July traffic, the most convenient place to meet was in the parking lot of a dive bar/pool hall.  I was able to complete the notarization on the trunk of my car and the parents were off to the airport in less than fifteen minutes.  Of course, most of my client interactions aren’t as dramatic and time sensitive as the one above, but it’s a great example of how a San Diego mobile notary can help you in a pinch.  

Mobile Notary Loan Document Signing In San Diego

Another way a mobile notary can add convenience to the notarization process is by providing mobile home loan document signings.  Home loans are often complex and can take a month or more to process from start to finish.  Toward the end of the home purchasing or refinancing process, time sensitive documents must be signed in person by the borrower.  It’s often inconvenient for the borrower to drive to a bank or escrow office after work only to spend another hour signing documents away from home.  Driving to an escrow office to sign loan documents also means the lender or escrow officer has to stay late to get the documents signed.  This isn’t an ideal situation for the borrower or the escrow officer.  Mobile notaries provide a convenient solution to this problem.  A professional San Diego mobile notary will travel to your home at a time that is convenient for you, guide you through the signing process and ship the documents back to the lender or escrow company.


These are just two of the many scenarios in which a mobile notary can help you save time and add convenience to your busy life. You may request a 24/7 mobile notary online or call 619 731-0878.