How Much Does a San Diego Mobile Notary Service Cost?


Notary fee

The California Secretary of State sets the maximum fees a notary public can charge in the State.  Effective January 1, 2017, the maximum fee increased from $10 to $15 per signature.  This was the first California notary fee increase in twenty-four years.

Other Fees

A San Diego mobile notary cannot charge more than the maximum fee per signature, but they can charge additional fees.  Mobile notaries charge a travel fees, typically based on the zip code or distance traveled.  They may also charge for other services like document printing, delivery fees, wait fees, etc.  

My Rates

I charge a travel fee based on zip code, plus $15 per signature. To help with the cost of documents that require a lot of signatures, such as home loans, escrow documents and trusts, I offer a flat fee. This helps to keep the price reasonable for customers.  To see up to date pricing, please visit my homepage. Most general notarizations require just one or two signatures and typically take ten to fifteen minutes to complete, plus travel time.