2018 NNA Conference to Focus on Security, Technology and Expanding Your Notary Business

2018 national notary association conference in Las Vegas notary skills and apostille service

The annual National Notary Association Conference will take place this June 3-6 at the Green Valley Ranch in Las Vegas. This will be my second year attending the conference and I’m looking forward to the opportunity to learn some valuable skills while networking with other notaries. Last year the conference focussed a lot on electronic notarization and hybrid loan signings. This year, electronic notary skills will be one of five distinct skills tracks, including notary, NSA, business, and security skills.

Offering New Services: San Diego Apostille and Immigration Forms Specialist

One of the sessions I’m interested in attending is the Boost Revenue With New Business Services. In this session, presenters will cover topics such as how to become a process server, how to handle apostille work, the immigrations forms specialist certification and other topics. The session on conducting apostilles is of particular interest as I plan to start offering San Diego apostille service this year. Apostille is a service offered by a San Diego notary public to authenticate the identity of a person submitting a document for use in another country. Whenever an individual needs to authenticate their identity to a foreign government, an apostille is used. This process involves a notary certifying the identity of a signer, then sending that certification to the California Secretary of State. The secretary of state then certifies the notary using an apostille. Basically, the notary certifies the signer, then the secretary of state certifies the notary and submits forms to the foreign government under the Apostille Convention. A San Diego apostille is a complicated process that requires a San Diego notary public with special training on how to handle such requests.

Becoming a California Immigration Forms Specialist is another way I would like to expand my notary services in 2018. This certification would allow me to assist individuals with their California immigration forms. This certification requires special training and a $2,000 bond be filed with the County of San Diego. California has some of the strictest rules in the country regarding how immigration forms are to be handled and who is legally authorized to help complete them. Learning this skill would allow me to not only increase my business offerings, but would allow me to offer these services for free or reduced cost to communities in need of help. As a San Diego notary public, I believe it is important to give back to the community I’m working in, and obtaining this certification is another way I can give back.

Additional Notary Skills Sessions

Other sessions of interest are on handling depositions, technology, and personal and electronic security. There will also be opportunities for networking and several panel discussions and question and answer sessions. This three day event will be packed with valuable information and insider tips. If you are a notary looking to stand out and learn about new technology and business opportunities, I highly recommend attending this years conference. My hotel room and flight are booked and I’m ready to learn, network and relax in desert for a few days.

Check back in June for updates on how the conference went. In the meantime, if you need a San Diego notary public, give me a call at 619 731-0878 or request a San Diego mobile notary online.