Baja To Europe, The Expat's Lost Pink Slip


I got a call yesterday from someone looking for a last minute notary. The man on the phone explained he needed a DMV Application for Duplicate Title notarized for a car he was trying to sell. He stopped by a shipping center in Ocean Beach that advertised “Notary On Duty” but when he arrived, they informed him they didn’t actually have a notary in house. Frustrated and confused, he logged on to Yelp, where he found my notary profile page and gave me a call. I was only about a mile away, so I was able to meet up with him to get his document notarized.

We got to talking and he told me why he needed the document notarized. He was living about 30 minutes south of the border in Baja where he worked remotely for the past few years and was ready to pick up and move somewhere else. He told me how his job allows him to live anywhere with an internet connection, so after about a year living in Mexico, he decided to pack up and move to Europe. He had a car he needed to sell before moving, but he lost his pink slip and had to get a new copy from the DMV.  We met up at the post office in Ocean Beach so he was able to drop the letter in the mail and get back to his motorcycle ride down to Baja.

Being a San Diego notary gives me the opportunity to meet a lot of new and interesting people. My clients are often in a hurry and need a notary quick to get their documents signed and get on with their lives. It’s fun being able to help them people out so they can meet their deadlines.

If you need a San Diego notary, give me a call at 619 731-0878 or request online.