NYE Thief Sends Victim Searching For Last Minute Notary


This New Years Eve, I got a last minute call from someone who needed a notary, fast. She was in town to visit family over the holidays when her car was broken into. She filed a police report, but needed a sworn statement notarized for her insurance company. She planned to get the document notarized at a local shipping center, but it was 8:00 PM on NYE, so they had closed early. She explained she needed the document notarized that night since she was leaving town early the next day. We were able to meet up right away and get the document signed and notarized in just a few minutes.

The paperwork was to be filed in another state and did not include the required California jurat certificate wording. California has strict laws on what certificates can be used for notarization,  so if the document does not contain the proper wording, a loose certificate may be attached. I attached the proper California jurat certificate to complete the notarization, administered the required oath and recorded the entry in my journal. For more information on this topic, please read my blog post on mandatory California certificate wording.

Helping people out in a last minute situation is part of what makes being a mobile notary fun and rewarding. If you ever find yourself in need of a last minute notary in San Diego, give me a call at 619 731-0878 or request a mobile notary online.